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On Tue, 4 Feb 1997, Sarah Matthews wrote:

: I don't know if Faulkner ever met Hemingway, but Faulkner and
: Hammett were on drinking terms.  There's a great anecdote in several
: of the Hammett bios ...

>From _Dashiell Hamett_, by Julian Symons:

"Among the more outrageous episodes during Faulkner's stay was one
that began when they met the publisher Bennett Cerf for lunch.  On
learning that Cerf was going to the Knopfs' for dinner that evening,
Hammett insisted that he and Faulkner should go along, since Blanche
Knopf would certainly wish to meet Faulkner.  Cerf's heart must have
sunk when they said they would stay in the bar and wait to be
collected, especially since it was a black-tie dinner party, but
Hammett was not to be denied.  They were duly collected, still
improperly dressed for the evening, and were delivered to the dinner
party almost blind drunk.  Hammett managed to effect the introduction
of Faulkner to Blanche Knopf and then sank to the carpet.  Faulkner
moved to help him and collapsed by his side.  Both men had to be taken
back to their hotels.  It may have been at this time that the Knopfs
began to feel that they were paying a heavy price for having Dashiell
Hammett on their list."

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