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>Regarding reissues of Raoul Whitfield stories, I personally would gladly
>subscribe to a limited edition. Last night I finished reading his novel
>"The Virgin Kills" (reissued by No Exit Press), a superb and...
>hardboiled entertainment. If time permits, I will write a "nostalgia"
>review of the reissue. It's a shame that Whitfield died so young.
>There are also many uncollected stories by Norbert Davis, one of
>the great but almost forgotten pulp writers - and his three novels
>have been out of circulation for ages (at least in the U.S.). His
>detective + dog team is one of the funniest and weirdest in the mystery
>I want to thank people on this list for turning me on to new writers.  I
>will for sure check up on Whitfield.  As for Norbert Davis - his Max Latin
>series is superb.  What other titles did he write?

Tosh Berman
TamTam Books

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