Re: RARA-AVIS: Iceberg Slim's vocabulary

Yes, Tosh, I am actually stunned at how good Iceberg Slim's writing is.
It's the kind of writing that at times has made me literally stop and
think, "wow." *Mama Black Widow* started great, lulled, and now it's just
blazing. I love it (I'm half-way done). I'll look in *Pimp* for a
definition of "foreskin" as slang: I saw a copy in a local used bookstore.
I think Holloway House has recently reprinted all his stuff. Thanks,

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On Thu, 23 Jan 1997, Tosh wrote:

> >Thanks to you Slang Dictionary owners for the "frogskin" definitions. I
> >have this eerie feelins that "foreskin" was either a really bad typo (for
> >"frogskin," again), or else entirely made-up.
> >
> There is a glossery of terms in Iceberg's PIMP. Right now,I don't have the
> book.  I don't think it is a typo.
> Oh, by the way, I think Iceberg Slim is a fantastic writer.
> Tosh Berman
> TamTam Books
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