RARA-AVIS: Introduction (and Hammett comic strip)

Glad to learn today about the existence of this group.  I like almost 
every type of detective fiction as long it has some detection--in 
other words, the Jim Thompson style is not up my mean street.

I am a collector of detective fiction, especially of short 
stories--have almost all the Hammett and Chandler short story 
collections.  This short story interest led my wife and me two years 
ago to found Crippen & Landru Publishers  (I hope that most of you 
will "get" the murderous name!).  So far, we have published 6 short 
story collections and one 8-part radio play.  Two of our collections 
are by private-eye writers, Marcia Muller (Sharon McCone) and Bill Pronzini (Nameless), 
and we have books scheduled by two other authors who may be of 
interest to this group: Ed Gorman and Michael Collins.

You can check us on our web site:   http://www.avalon.net/~scott/cl/

Some small publishers are issuing collections of hardboiled stories 
from the pulps.  Fedogan & Bremer, which has previously done horror 
collections, just published Howard Wandrei's THE LAST PIN, and Dennis 
McMillan plans to publish Howard Browne's complete pulp detective 
stories under the title INCREDIBLE INK this Spring, in honor of 
Browne's 90th birthday.  He is best known for his Paul Pine novels, 
which are often considered very much in the Chandler-Ross Macdonald 

Otherwise--I teach at old Dominion Unviersity in Norfolk, VA; I'm a 
member of the MWA, frequently attend Bouchercons (see you in 
Monterey?), and have done a fair amount of writing about the 
genre--but not about the hardboiled style.  My most recent work is 
(Simon & Schuster/Otto Penzler Books).

Incidentally, the Internatiuonal polygonics printing of hammett's 
SECRET AGENT X-9 was, last I heard, still in print.
Doug Greene

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