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>The correct location to THE SHADOW bibliography is 
>Try also http://www.abacus.ghj.com/sci_fi/pulps/shadow.htm
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Very good subject: HB in Comics! I was gathering some material during this
WE on the subject, coincidence...again.

a) Concerning Hammet he collaborated directly to the comics ' X9" with
drawings from Alex Raymond (one of the major Amrican artist of the Golden
age) but only in the early stage of the series. The comics was later handled
by others as well for scenarios as for drawings.

For the Hammett purists:
- he started  with the series from  its beginning= jan 1934- original script
by Hammet
-end of Hammett collaboration= first quarter 1935
End 1935 Raymond left the series as well.

Leslie Charteris (non HB writer-  The Saint ...and that kind) took over for
the script but not successfully, and dropped out after a short period.
Later, a cohort of scriptwriters tried to keep Agant X9 going.

b) Do you know that :  Mikey Spillane collaborated to comics before going to
novels (not necessarily HB)

c) there are few other American HB comics series, but not as popular as the
ones in your list, but less well known

d) the European domain of comics is well represented in HB, after WW2 and
especially after the sixties.

e)there are real HB comics as well from Argentina... and probably from other
countries ... What about Brazil?

I hope to be able to develop more on the subject later.
Time is the missing factor!

Regards to all


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