RARA-AVIS: On Chester Himes (Was: Afro-American Writers)

On no date Michael Dittman <mdittman@owl.engl.sru.edu> wrote:

>I just subscribed.  I'm Michael Dittman, a grad student at Slippery Rock
>UNiversity (Slippert Rock PA).  I'm thinking of doing my thesis on
>African-American pulp/hardboiled writers.  Anyone know of any scholarly
>material on this?

OK, a good place to start is

Woody Haut, _Pulp Culture: hardboiled Fiction and the Cold War_ (Serpent's
Tail: London & NY, 1995).  Significant section on Himes (racism &
paranoia).  Buy it --- #UK9.99/$US15.99/$CAN22.99.

NB also 

T J Binyon, _Murder Will Out: The Detective in Fiction_ (Oxford University
Press: Oxford & NY, 1990)
Briefly covers *loads* of ground --- not much specifically for your topic,
but a useful reference text to have handy, moreso for the fact that it is
sometimes to be found as a remaindered item.

ditto Julian Symons, _Bloody Murder: From the detective story to the crime
novel: a history_ second edition, revised (Pan: London, 1994) [has a
different title your side of the pond, which slips my mind for the moment]


Ralph Willett, _Hard Boiled detective Fiction_ British Association for
American Studies Pamphlet 23 (BAAS: Keele, 1992) has a short section on
Himes (along with 'all the usual suspects) and has a useful bibliography,
which includes this item: 
        Stephen F. Milliken, _Chester Himes: A Critical Appraisal_
(Columbia: University of 
        Columbia Press, 1976)

If you have access to BIDS (or the US equivalent), or Uncover, you might
find some useful references.  Also, look at Dissertation Abstracts to see
what's been done 

Eddie Duggan

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