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    I realize I sent a message out w/o ever properly introducing
myself. I'm about a year away from completing my Ph.D. in English. My
dissertation is about ideals of masculinity in 14c. England . . . and I
think my interest in the complexity of masculinity, coupled with my
predictable but unrelenting adoration for Jim Thompson novels, led me into
a general interest in American Crime Fiction. It is now what I consider my
secondary field of expertise (though compared to many of you I will seem
extraordinarily ignorant at times, I'm sure). Robert Polito's bio of
Thompson directed my attention to the fascinating world of the early
paperback industry, and I'm now a collector of old paperbacks.  All my
money goes to food, shelter, and old books. This is not an exaggeration.
    While I don't care for "whodunnits," I'm not a hardboiled purist
either. I have this thing for Cornell Woolrich, for instance, who is
hardly "hardboiled" in any strict sense. That's about enough about me. I'm
looking forward to picking your collective brains. Best, Michael

======================                 ===================================
Michael D. Sharp                       "I'm a white male, age 18-49. 
msharp@umich.edu                       EVERYONE listens to me, no mat-
Department of English                  ter how dumb my suggestions are."
University of Michigan                                  --Homer J. Simpson

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