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QR codes in Filofax inserts


It’s early days, but right now all Personal-size week-on-two-pages inserts for 2025 at Filofax have a QR code on every single day:

Screenshot of a sample page
Screenshot of a sample page

What the hell?

They work with the new Reminder App, which doesn’t look at all useful, even to people who want to mingle paper and digital scheduling. You’re locked into their app—there’s no integration with other calendar systems—and unless I misunderstood the video, after you scan in the QR code for a given day you still need to specify the date in the app.

Some highlights from the privacy policy for the app, which, remember, is scanning your appointments and your handwriting:

1.1 Account Information: To use the Filofax Diary app, you will need to create an account. We collect information such as your name, email address, and password.

1.2 Diary Page Information: When you use the app to create reminders associated with diary pages, you may provide images of diary pages and set reminders, times, and dates. These images and associated data will be stored on our servers.

2.3 Research and Analytics: We may use your information for research and analytics purposes to improve the functionality and features of the app.

3.1 Third-Party Service Providers: We may share your information with third-party service providers that help us with app functionality, hosting, and analytics. These providers are bound by confidentiality agreements.

‍3.2 Legal Requirements: We may disclose your information if required by law, regulation, or legal process.

‍3.3 Change of Ownership: In the event of a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets, your information may be transferred to the acquiring entity.

4.1 Security We take reasonable measures to protect your information from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, or alteration. However, no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, and we cannot guarantee absolute security.

The privacy policy here doesn’t match with what’s on Google Play, which says no data is collected or shared. (The CCPA clauses in the policy will make everyone outside California look admiringly.)

Even were this app the most secure and private thing possible, I think there will be very, very little interest in it. Are there any Filofax users who have a need for this? I hope they have the regular inserts for sale by October.