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Dan Chudnov posted 2009 - A Year in Pictures. I've got a couple of Dan Chudnov pictures to post so here they are. Coincidentally and rhymingly, they're Jan Dawson pictures, too.

In October, at Access 2009, a library technology conference in Charlottetown that I enjoyed immensely, one night Jan Dawson found a karaoke bar on the other side of town and a bunch of people poured themselves out of a pub and into cabs to go there. Jan sang "White Rabbit," Dan sang "Happiness Is a Warm Gun," other library geeks mixed in with Charlottetown singers, and I did "You Shook Me All Night Long." Dan snapped photos.

William Denton shook you all night long

A couple of weeks later Dan was back in town and we went to see Jan at the roller derby. She's one of the Death Track Dolls. They play in costume. Here's Dan and Jan after the game.

Dan Chudnov and Jan Dawson